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Patch – T&A Morale Logo


STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM: From the underground to the executive suite, we in the building but still keep it basement. Tactics & Applications got us through it and made it all possible, and with the PVC patch version of the classic morale style logo, we remember our roots and never forget where we came from. If you’re rocking this, you are the resistance. Hook backing, 3.5″H x 3″W

Patch – LF Banner Logo


NOW YOU KNOW: Lightfighter’s new banner logo, coming at you with them throwback vibes. Available in both full color and subdued color schemes for formal and tactical applications. Hook backing, 5.2″W x 1″H.

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Patch – LF Mushroom Cloud


BOOM: History Made and Remembered. This PVC patch commemorates the dates the first, second, and third bombs were dropped: April 6 1945 (Hiroshima), April 9 1945 (Nagasaki), and February 25 2021, the day Lightfighter made headlines when it truly became a For Us, By Us endeavor. A mushroom cloud seen and felt by all. Hook backing, 4″H x 3″W.

Patch – LF MCLMM Grenade


FRAG OUT: The Lightfighter MCLMM Grenade logo in PVC patch form. Slap it wherever you’ve got a loop field: gear, bags, clothing, whatever. We know what it means. Hook backing, 4″H x 3″W.