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EFAK: Everyman First Aid Kit. Because every man should have one.

In a world where it’s easy to get distracted by the latest and greatest widget for firearms and tactical gear, the importance of lifesaving equipment like medkits is often overlooked.

We decided to make it easy for you. This kit contains everything you need with no frills about it, with the goal of making it cost effective so you could stock up on them in quantity; “Buy em cheap, stack em deep.”

Throw one in your car. Keep one in your day bag. Put one in your camping and hiking gear. Stash a few around the house. Bring some to work. There’s a whole bunch of places you can use these, it doesn’t have to be tactical or defensive in nature; there’s plenty of ways to get injured out there.

Kit includes:

1x CAT Gen 7 TQ
2x Hyfin Chest Seal
1x QuikClot Combat Gauze
1x 4″ Israeli Bandage
1x H&H Compressed Gauze
1x Gloves, pair
1x tape roll


*Pouch contents ship vacuum sealed as shown above. Optional pre-packing of pouch prior to delivery also shown.

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Multicam, Ranger Green, Black


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