tasker report

You got something to say?

The TASKER Report functions as the network’s native blog for original content sourced from within the confines of the network itself. 

While I’ll have plenty to add on a variety of subjects as time goes on, I don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea: the Report was never meant to be exclusively from my desk. The door is open to all of you that wish to participate.

So if you’ve ever had a subject you’ve wanted to elaborate on, but nowhere to really publish it regularly, and the convenience of dropping a link to distribute your written pieces is useful to you, or you’ve always wanted to write for the industry but never knew who or how to approach it, this is your opportunity. 

Do you have a comprehensive firearm or gear review? A concept you’d like to discuss regarding TTPs and routines? An analysis and review of best practices and recommendations that you’ve developed over time? This is the perfect podium from which to orate or showcase your photography.

Who knows; perhaps an editor of one of the larger publications will see your work on the TASKER Report that you would have normally just posted manually on social media, and maybe they like your style, and offer to pay you to write for them. Maybe you’d like to write for RECOIL one day; Your firearms journalism adventure starts with us at the TASKER Report; this is where you get your name on the map.

So here’s how it works:

Step 1.) Sign up an account at Lightfighter.net if you haven’t already (it’s free to join!)

Step 2.) Follow all the necessary new guy steps at LF (fill out your profile, and introduce yourself as a new member).

Step 3.) Apply to join the Writer’s Bloc subgroup on LF. This is an isolated section of the forum dedicated to assisting and facilitating written work of all varieties.

Step 4.) Submit your work for review, including any images that go with it. If needed, we’ll help you fine tune it, and look it over to make sure it’s ready for publishing.

Step 5.) You made it to the big time! You’re a featured writer now. Your piece will be published on the TASKER Report, and you can link it wherever you’d like to distribute it.


Conversely, if you have completed works you’ve already posted or published elsewhere, and you’d like them to be featured on the TASKER Report, we’d be happy to look at your finished work and get it on the board.

That’s all there is to it!

BE ADVISED: Your work will be subject to scrutiny to ensure factual substantiation where necessary, including but not limited to peer review by any SMEs applicable to the topic of your write-up. 

Fly-by-night “I taught myself techniques and skills only learned professionally in schools and parroting things other SMEs said” isn’t going to fly here at all.

This is to ensure it’s as correct as possible; your article may contain information that professionals or citizens alike will take with them into life or death scenarios. Therefore the accuracy and factuality of your input is paramount. 

We look forward to reading your submissions and featuring it on the Report.