“Freedom does not require Permission”

1.) Information that is open source and therefore shared freely does not require the personal favor or authorization of anyone in particular to access it. We provide comprehensively what has been provided openly, to enhance our collective capability.

2.) Some tend to criticize and besmirch those who never asked for their blessing or permission to be successful. We never required it, we are not at a loss for their absence, and their spite inspires our success.

3.) Our vanguard state of mind ensures our continued forward momentum; the right thing will be done the right way for the right reasons, regardless of how anyone feels about it.

Here at TASKER, we are so committed. Our mission is to facilitate the improvement of the skill, knowledge, and performance of our audience, by providing the ultimate comprehensive resource and discussion platforms pertaining to vetted information substantiated by data and experience, for their knowledge & edification.

For the TASKERs.